Behind The Wheel

This is it..the closest thing to an actual simulated "Olds Diesel" experience...As you sit in luxury, the engine clatters away under the hood, as if it where some sort of industrial vehicle. With the windows up, assuming that the weather stripping and window seals are at their best, you hear a slight clatter, which was impossible to hear when recorded from inside of the car..If you where to sit behind the wheel, with the windows down, you notice the "Diesel Fuel Only" instrument cluster, from time to time, the wind blows a whiff of the exhaust your way, as you sit there listening..you realize, this is not a normal passenger car..You take it for a drive, even though you KNOW its not fast. As you accellerate, and begin cruising, you notice the engine becomes just as quiet and smooth as the gas versions...Then, you notice the fuel guage, it hardly moves! Its a "Different car", but you like it!

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