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1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Wait a minute...There was no Olds Diesels after 1985...or was there?? No, there wasn't. But thats OK, there will be!

This 86' Cutlass, fully loaded, was formerly powered by a 307 Olds V8 Gas engine and a TH2004R transmission. With the gas engine, and the gearing as is, the car was able to acheive just about 25 Miles Per Gallon. Pretty good for a gas engine. The car, before I got my little hands on it, was a LOWRIDER, and was fully equipt with "Break the windows" sound system, and lowered on speed bump deadly 13" wire wheels with spinners! My favorite part, though, is that there's a sticker on the back window that says "PIMP DEM' HOES". So, now everyone should get the idea. The interior is stock, and not fury, or anything of that nature. The aftermarket steering wheel is pretty sharp looking though. No, its not a chain steering wheel. The car is pretty clean, with just the normal wear and tear of dirty shoes on the carpet. The car is White, with a Tan vynal top. I remembered how the car would get up and go pretty well for itself. Unfortunatly, the 307 developed a wrist pin knock, that got really nasty. Finally, one day it died and would not start..but not because the engine broke, some computer problem somewhere. The car sat for over a year, and finally, I got the word.."GET IT OUT OF MY YARD!"

With my first intentions to get the car, fix it, and sell it..I got this wild Idea. I began to think for a minute. I remembered the fuel economy on the G-Body (Cutlass style) cars with the 350 Diesel where in the low 30's on the highway, and with out overdrive. I know this, because there where no Diesel G-Bodies available with Overdrive..only full size D-Body cars. I started looking at it differently at that time. After 1/2 an hour, the decision was final. It was GAS TO DIESEL converison time! Time to MAKE an Olds Diesel. The Part that grabs my attention the most, is the Overdrive, and the fact that this car is almost as light as a Camaro, even with the 307! The Diesel will add weight, but it would still turn out to be lighter then my Monte Carlo witht the 4.3 V6 Diesel. It even has the "WAIT" light there, but with no bulb behind it. Its all to perfect. All Olds used the same dash untill 1988, when everything really went to Front Wheel Drive.

Light Car, Overdrive, 25MPG with the gas engine?...This should be interesting...With the proper tuning, and fuel system work, the Diesel will perform as well as its old power, except for torque you can really feel, and crazy fuel economy. A big body Olds 98 Regency with the Diesel, and Overdrive can acheive 34MPG on the highway. It would not suprise me if I saw nearly 40MPG with this one. Although it is no major swap, I will be taking pictures of the conversion..and maybe...just MAYBE, Ill post them here (something I have never done in the past 5 years!. The engine is getting a good update, and slight modification. Not too crazy, but it will get a High Volume Oil Pump, Billet Shaft, ARP Head bolts of course, and slight porting, deburring and polishing of the cylinder head ports. This, coupled with slight fuel system mods should bring better economy, and quicker throttle responce. The engine is a used Goodwrench DX with low miles.

Of course, no project would be complete, and the mod's would be useless, with out a good exhaust system. Currently, it actually has a single into dual Flowmaster cat back system. But it is only 2 1/4" Pipe in, and 2" out. It will bolt right up to the CAT and everything though right?..WRONG! Not with me knowing about it, it won't. Dual exhaust is the answer, and easy to install. Sounds good, makes a difference..but thats a whole seperate topic. I think I will be test driving it with little stubby pipes..Wake up everyone... HAHAHA!

I estimate that this conversion should take a few months..Unfortunatly, I cant just work on my own Diesels all day, but eventually, it will happen.

August 2, 2003