Oldsmobile 455 Hemi

Ok, this has NOTHING to do with Olds Diesels, but it goes to show that Olds was a little on the wild side when it came to concepts, and actually following through with the attempt to test them.

Here before you, is an actual 455 Hemi Oldsmobile V8, which made like 550 Horsepower! As the story was told, the engine would not actually fit into the cutlass engine bay. They where trying to produce this motor, and throw it into a Cutlass...Nice! Would have been a hell of a 442 "Option", Im guessing it was attempted in order to compete with, and/or completly STOMP other cars of the muscle car era..the GTO, Mustang, etc..But it woudn't fit to their likings (*&%$#!?!), so it was abandoned! Look at that crank case ventillation system! With 10:1 compression, and that kind of power going on, I wonder how the head gaskets, and bolts would have held up. I bet it would have definatly been ARP to the rescue on this one!

Wheres the 455 Diesel with the Hemispherical, Direct Injected Head?!?
A special thanks to Garry Myers for this information..

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