Oldsmobile Diesel Technical Magazine

5.7 Litre Diesel V8
4.3 Litre Diesel V8
4.3 Litre Diesel V6
2.5 Litre Diesel V5

Engine Specs
Bore, Stroke, H.P., Torque...
Block Identification and differences
Piston Differences explained
Connecting Rods
Connecting Rod Differences explained
Oil Pump Shafts
An early problem
Cylinder Heads
Head Identification, and differences
Cylinder Head Bolts
The leading cause of head gasket failure...
Rocker Arms and Bridges
A GM upgraded item that should not be overlooked.
Injection Pumps
Three different types where used, here are the differences
Pencil or Poppet?..you'll find out
Intake Manifolds
Intake Manifold Identification and Interchange ability
Exhaust Manifolds