Theres Just Something About Em'

EVERYONE knows about "That Olds 5.7 Diesel"...and in the World of the 350 Diesel. The following descriptions make up the people of the world today. There is - types of 350 Diesel People The ones who owned one and never want to own any Diesel ever again. The ones who owned one and never want to own another Olds Diesel....but think the rest are all ok. The ones who owned one since it was new and it still runs. The ones who own one by accident because they thought it was just another car (hahaha). The ones who never owned one ever in there life but still have an opinion. The ones who deny there existance totally and have to look in a book to be proved wrong. The mechanics who still think its a converted gas block. The Ones who dont even know what a block is. The Ones who build gas engines extremly well, but cant tell you where the glowplugs are. And then theres the ones who like them for some reason and never want to get rid of it..theres just something about them...why do we do it?....Ive figured out that you must have some sort of mechanical knowledge of the 350 Diesel to appreciate it to its fullest..unless of coarse you own one that has run on forever...Ive heard from someone that the 350 Diesel is growing in value and popularity in his area..more and more people are wanting them...usually for projects Ive noticed...which is good..cause the more they come out of the hole the more easily parts will be available...All it takes is perfection and time..and it will last forever..not only do they produce a fair amount of torque and are similar to a gas engine in weight, they also deliver impossible V8 economy..The Best diesel is one you must build yourself..its better in the long run...So why do we like these engines that most dont want to speak of?..We may never know...


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